Princess Point Hotel/Condo and Hospice

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The Princess Point Hotel/Condo and Hospice is a development concept related to one of the most beautiful undeveloped peninsulas in Texas.

The peninsula had been occupied by Native Americans for perhaps as long as 12,000 years. Mammoth bones have been found in association with cultural artifacts.

No human has permanently occupied any part of the peninsula's old-growth forest for hundreds of years but that will change with the construction of a five star luxury hotel/condo/hospice at the very tip of the peninsula.

Guests and owners will leave their vehicles at the Half Moon Bay parking area and be issued golf carts for the journey through the forest to their suites.

The beauty of the sun and moon rising over the waters of the lake is often breathtaking, especially when the moon is full.

For those who wish to spend this last days contemplating the beauties of nature, this is indeed a special place for the elderly and their families to be together at the end of life. ( )

Interment in America's first and only "Green Family Cemetery" will insure that one's body will re-cycle in perpetuity in the form of birds, trees, butterflys and wildflowers. ( )

George H. Russell

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